Welcome to Edublog’s FAQ Site

What is a FAQ? An FAQ is shorthand for Frequently Asked Questions. This site will contain a number of tutorials and instructions on how to use your Edublogs site.

Popular Questions:

  • What is Edublogs?
  • How do I write a blog post?
  • How do I upload an image to my blog?
  • How do I reset my password?
  • What is the Supporter program?
  • What’s the difference between Posts and Pages?
  • Why can’t I put a Post on a Page?
  • How do I embed video into a Post?
  • How do I add another user to my blog?
  • How do I add a link to my blogroll?

What do I do if I have an additional question that’s not answered here? Head over to the Support Forums to see if your question is answered there. Chances are someone else has had the exact same question you have and it’s already been answered. If not, be sure to read and answer the “If seeking help…” checklist when your post your support request. That way you know you’re providing all of the information to those who are there to help you.

Where can I go for additional help? Head over to The Edublogger. Sue does some wonderful tutorials on how to get the most of of your Edublogs site.